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Sunday 21 November 2021

Dream Colour

Richard Norris and Martin Dubka's Circle Sky album has finally seen the light of day, three years on from the release of If I Let Go and Ghost In The Machine, a pair of singles that married their analogue synths with a weirdly almost human voice, some beautiful, light than air melodies and a sense of melancholy. The album, Dream Colour, has that feeling of a future that has been lost, the promise and hope of the 21st century as it looked a few decades ago that hasn't materialised- a future/ present weighed down by environmental collapse, terrorism, fractured societies, loneliness and isolation, plague and technology that presents as many problems as solutions. Somehow though, there's a sense that things might just be ok. 

The title track has the bassline and bounce of 80s house with that female voice singing vague somethings. The voice isn't quite human and isn't quite robotic either- how they've created her/ it, they're not saying. 

Salvation is altogether less physical and more ethereal, floatier, with twinkling synthlines and warm pads, a drifting, gliding piece of electronic music. The album has a cocoon- like feel, something to bathe in while the outside world carries on. There's something of the future of Blade Runner in Dream Colour too, replicants with human emotions that they don't understand yet. I think its an album I'll be coming back to often. 



Khayem said...

I need to go away and listen to this some more, but on an initial listen, the album promises to be fantastic.

Rickyotter said...

Even more wonderful than I was hoping it would be

Swiss Adam said...

It's a real treat isn't it, worth the wait.