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Monday, 20 May 2013

Hippy Shake

Devendra Banhart, nu-hippy supremo, cropped up at Acid Ted on Friday- a most unexpected Acid Ted artist. I'm not a huge fan of Mr Banhart but I like these two songs. Forget About Him has an ace shuffly rhythm and is a cover of a Kath Bloom song.

Forget About Him

I borrowed a Banhart album from a friend several years ago- I don't seem to have made a copy of it, not a digital one anyway. There may be a cassette somewhere (which would date it to pre-2007 for me). This song was the best one on it. I Feel Just Like A Child stays just the right side of cloying, grooving along like an acoustic T Rex....

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Walter said...

I got them remixes from acid Ted also during the weekend and I like them too. Btw classic Woodstock cover