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Friday, 10 May 2013

On My Gnod

I don't know what they've been drinking in Salford recently but there's some strange things brewing across the Irwell. Drew tipped me off to Gnod a little while back. This song is one of the shorter ones of their new lp Chaudelande, being a mere eight minutes long. Starting with some finger cymbals and chanting, just to disconcert you a little, it then settles into a crunching groove with thumping drums and a cranked up guitar. Occasionally some extremely distorted, crackly vocals appear and then disappear. Towards the end they raise it up a notch, shift gear and proceed towards the finale. The wah-wah pedal takes a battering. I'm picturing Salfordian noise-monks playing at a Julian Cope gig somewhere remote, with an audience locked in a barn, transfixed by the pummeling the instruments are getting. Although the truth may be a little crustier. See for yourself. And then shell out for the album.

Man On The Wire


Artog said...

Well that's just made me 9 minutes and 33 seconds late for work. Worth it though I feel.

drew said...

They are good aren't they.

If you like this Artog check out the Cosmic Dead, Weegie Kraut/Space rock.

Swiss Adam said...

A whole album feels like a bit of a toil at times but they are very good.

Walter said...

Yes it's very good. Sounds like they ate too much magic mushrooms. Far out.

I'll look out for the record and check out Cosmic Death over the weekend