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Friday, 3 May 2013

Sky Edit

Following the somewhat kosmische theme we've had here recently I heard Can's Mothersky the other day (on BBC 6 I reckon, I can't think of another radio station I'd either listen to or would play it). A few years back French re-edit chap Pilooski re-worked it. Pilooski is a dab hand at the old re-editing game and this is a game effort. Whether Mothersky really needed re-editing is open to question.

Mothersky (Pilooski Re-edit)


anto said...

what a fuckin tune. first heard in an extremely dodge house party full of criminals with bizzarely great taste in music - lots of funkadelic aswell that night.

talkin of which, sort of, stuart hall eh? and they say these types disguise it well. who would have known?

drew said...

One of my favourite re-mixes. Still smart at the cunt that fleeced me for twenty quid for the 12" and never sent it.