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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Tweed Mix

The Soundcloud hour long dj mix is one of the wonders of the internet age- yes, even better than clips of cats falling off pianos. An hour is a good length- it doesn't overface you like a two or three hour mix can, allows enough time for some good ebb and flow, and provides a good soundtrack to a commute/trip. The recent Weatherall British council one and the one he did for Faber, the Justin Robertson one for Gomma, the Scott Fraser machine one and the David Holmes garage rock one have all been recent Bagging Area favourites (scroll down the page, they're all there). This Weatherall one appeared in association with Manchester's Warehouse Project last December. Lap it up.

The photo is a piece of product placement for Walker Slater, manufacturer of high quality tweeds. Our model is pictured wearing a three piece grey Birds Eye herringbone with red and yellow windowpane, 'timeless style and never with a twist (the last refuge of the charlatan)'. Obviously they are also expensive so I won't be rocking one at work in the foreseeable future.

Sorry there haven't been any mp3s this week- they'll be back tomorrow. It's been one of those weeks technologywise. Don't even get me started on the topic of mobile phones.

System of Survival ‘Crash What’
Baldelli and Rocca ‘Terrapoda’
E. Project ‘Mozaik’
Blancmange ‘Title Unknown’
Clarion ‘All Over All Kinds’
Crooked Man ‘I’ll be Koving You’
Phil Kieran ‘Lose Your Love (Andrew Weatherall Remix)’
Andrew Weatherall ‘Dub We May, Sail We Must’
Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry ‘Soul Man (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)’


davyh said...

I missed that Faber one so thanks for the reminder: I'm going to go back and listen to that first.

drew said...

That suit will be as itchy as fuck I suspect

Swiss Adam said...

Nah- lined throughout.

drew said...

heavy and sweaty then