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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Transient Truth

Posting that Death In Vegas song on Monday night prompted me to think that it's been ages since I posted any One Dove. So, plucking a track fairly randomly from the hard drive we get the Old Toys Mix of Transient Truth. There are half a dozen different mixes of this song, most of them by Weatherall and his Sabres Of Paradise cronies Jagz Kooner and Gary Burns. This one is a killer- 120 bpm with a deep dubby bassline, pulsing synthlines, squelches and bleeps, a bit of Dot. They used to call it Progressive House. It still sounds like progress.

Transient Truth Old Toys Mix


drew said...

Brilliant tune. Recently discovered, when looking for something else that I have two copies of the Sabres of Paradise mixes can't remember buying the second twelve

Swiss Adam said...

Havent got the Sabes promo 12". I'll take off your hands if you like.

Walter said...

You have not promised too much Adam. Fantastic track

Anto said...

great stuff, great memories too. and that photo is incredible.

if your feeling up to it they have just published a new WG Sebald -'a place in the country' which is great and will do as his others works do.