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Sunday 21 April 2019

Bringing Me Back To Life

Here's an Easter treat for fans of A Man Called Adam, who've made their 1998 classic Easter Song available for free from their Bandcamp page- and seeing as we're currently basking in some sunshine and warmth this piece of Balearic summer fits perfectly. The special edition includes not just the radio edit of Easter Song but the Cafe del Mar version and some dubs and soundscapes, three lovely short instrumental versions to accompany it, seven tracks to celebrate the rolling away of a stone, Oestra, the hiding of chocolate eggs or just a long bank holiday weekend. It's all here.


Anonymous said...

I'm liking all the enigmatic doorway/portal photos that seem to be becoming a theme.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks- all snapped while walking around the local area.

C said...

Ditto SRC re. the photos, great stuff, and the subjects have the same lure for me.

Swiss Adam said...

Once you start noticing something- doorways say- you notice them all the time. By you I mean me. I attuned to doorways and portals.