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Friday 5 April 2019

Lose Yourself

A Man Called Adam's new album Farmarama is proving to be a popular one round here, four sides of joy and fun, both reflecting their late 80s Balearic origins and sounding pretty current too- laptop beats, BBC Radiophonic Workshop melodies and Sally's impressionistic lyrics. The closing song is this one, Paul Valery At The Disco, the one I keep skipping the needle back to the start of...

Paul Valery was a French poet, writer and philosopher- 'poems are never finished, just abandoned' is his most famous quote (see also: 'poetry is to prose as dancing is to walking'). The track Sally and Steve have married his name to is a trippy disco tinged thumper which Sally said was inspired by the death of David Mancuso, his New York club The Loft and his party philosophy, Paul Valery dropped in for good measure. A song that extols the virtues of dancing, living and losing yourself on the dancefloor.

There's a remix 12" coming out for Record Shop Day including a Prins Thomas version of this which means I may have to venture into the vinyl scrum in Piccadilly Records after all.

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Walter said...

Nothing more than to have to agree to your words. i got the album by AMCA and it is on heavy rotation in my house. The 12-inch was new to me but I am unable to this on RSD because less people know about this over in Germany.