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Friday, 25 November 2011

All Could Come True

Dennis Hopper Choppers previously featured at Bagging Area here, almost a year ago, with a song from Ben Nicholls' one-man-band first album. He's since expanded to become a five piece and put out a second album, Be Ready, a few months ago. The fifties rock 'n' roll, country and 60s surf influences are still there along with a fuller band sound, a bowlful of spaghetti western and some lovely Vox organ.


Mondo said...

Piley - who I do the radio show with - is full of good things to say about the new album. I still haven't heard it yet.

Good ol' boy that he is Ben Nicols has done us an ident for the show - you'll find it under Radio Podrophenia D on itunes

drew said...

Need to get the second album, as I loved the first.