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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Blog Will Eat Itself

I feel like I've been going round in circles here recently- Weatherall, Clash, JAMC, dub, rockabilly, repeat to fade... So to anyone who clicks on this and thinks 'Christ not more ....................' I apologise and promise to be more varied in the coming weeks. Or maybe I don't.

I found this Weatherall remix on Soundcloud. It's a seven and a half minute remix of Hardway Bros and a track called Mania Theme, all 'gas powered drum machine', huge dubby bass and arpeggiated synths. There's this as well on Youtube- Weatherall's remix of Soft Rocks' We Hunt Buffalo Now, a glam rock/dub monster that may well be his best remix of the year, better even than the Toddla T and Roots Manuva one. The recent Red Bull Music Academy interview/lecture (which you have surely seen but if not it's here, and very entertaining it is too) had Weatherall describing the remix formula mentioned above and it's certainly working for me. I could listen to these remixes all day. Somewhere unreleased in a vault there's the Cut Copy one, the Wooden Shjips one played on the RBMA show and The Horrors one I moaned about last week. Compilation soon please Rotters Golf Club people.


Anonymous said...

"Weatherall, Clash, JAMC, dub, rockabilly, repeat to fade"

But it's a great formula


dickvandyke said...

Perhaps slide in a classic from The Dooleys for the older, poppier reader.

Bedouga said...

Oh I was hoping for a Poppies surprise to start off my Friday but Weatherall's good in a pinch. Cheers.