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Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Older Guys Really Got It All Worked Out

The older I get, the truer I like to think that line becomes.

Country-rock legend Gram Parsons is one of those 'you must like him' people and some of his solo stuff is pretty good but his band The Flying Burrito Brothers are the real deal, especially the first album (The Gilded Palace Of Sin) which has any number of standout songs- Hot Burrito #1, Hot Burrito #2, Sin City, The Dark End Of The Street (pretty much invented splicing country and soul), Christine's Tune. The follow up, Burrito Deluxe, isn't nearly as good but does contain this song, a rollicking celebration of the good ole boys down the bar, though the line about them 'getting the ladies with their style, the older guys squeeze them til it makes them smile' sounds more like sexual harassment now than maybe it did back in 1970.


Dirk said...

oddly enough, I've always prefered HB # 2 to HB # 1 ....

Wilthomer said...

Gram Parsons/The F.B.B., like Scott Walker, Nick Drake, The Velvet Underground and Love, are one of those "classic icons" that took me ages to get around to liking because I'd been bludgeoned to death with him/them by some overly enthusiastic borderline preachy friends. I heard "Christine's Tune" end an episode of "True Blood" earlier this year and it was time for this old guy to, finally, join the converted, esp. on the subject of their first LP!