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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Palatial Creation

Watching the documentary on Creation Records on BBC4 on Friday night reminded me of just how many great bands and how many great records Alan McGee's label released, certainly in the period before signing Oasis (after which it all went wrong). It was a little flawed as a documentary, and full of 'we were so crazy, we took so many drugs' but overall the music and the misfits in the bands shone through. So I thought we'd have a few Creation inspired posts starting with Love Corporation, Ed Ball's dance project, included on the still magnificent 1991 compilation Keeping The Fath. Alan McGee invented acid house, didn't you know?


Mr A.N. said...

Just listened to it for the first time in ages. I feel all warm, floaty and fulfilled. Makes my shitty day feel so much better. I'd forgotten how much fun the early 90s were

hterepka said...

Thanks for posting this one! Just picked up the whole compilation and I'm loving it - a really nice mix of slight more melodic stuff to my ears.

Keep up the great posts! Too bad Alan McGee seems like a rear-guarding crank now..

Swiss Adam said...

It's a great comp ht