Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Record Industry Blues

I got in this evening. I went looking for Andrew Weatherall's remix of Wild Eyed by The Horrors. I was prepared to pay for it. After a little searching I ended up thinking 'Is it any wonder the record industry is on it's arse?'

The only place you can buy the track is as part of the iTunes version of the album Skying. It's there, but you can't buy it as a separate track, only as part of the US version of the album, at a cost £7.99. Thing is, I've already bought Skying in a physical format and it cost more than £7.99, which is what the record industry wants isn't it? I didn't download it illegally. I paid money for it, in a record shop. Old fashioned I know but there you go. If I want the Weatherall remix I've got to buy the whole album again. And this isn't one of the majors, this is XL who like to dine out on being a credible, cutting edge little guy. At the moment I still don't have it, as I haven't found an illegal download either. So what do they want- sales which rip off the niche band fan or illegal downloads? I suppose I could just stop being a Weatherall completist but it's a habit that's a little ingrained by now. In the spirit of the whole thing, no music with this post. But if and when I find the song, I'll let you have it too.


drew said...

This kind of shit really pisses me off. This and releasing an album with loaads of extras just 3 months after you've bought the original. That is when I tend to go to the snidey sites, when they start taking the piss.

stevoid said...

In the absence of your complete Weatherall set at least we get to marvel at yet another Sainsburys bagging area.

A lovely shot,keep up the good work!

Mark said...

I completely agree and I keep finding this is an issue with Weatherall remixes these days, it took me an age to get the Alice Gold one and the Steve Mason one though they're a bit more accessible now... and don't get me started on the Hardway brothers one which is on Soundcloud but nowhere else, called Mania

Swiss Adam said...

I posted the Alice Gold and Steve Mason Dub 2 here after they came out. Naughty I know. Hardway Bros will be released in New Year apparently.

Reuben said...

Found this posting after er.... searching for somewhere to get this track from as it seems this isn't going to be readily available anytime soon.
Reading this felt like I wrote it myself, so needless to say I agree with every word (along with Drew's comment).
Strangely the last time I illegally downloaded something was Weatherall's Grinderman remix for the same reasons outlined in your post. Don't think this track is available to buy separately anywhere even now.
And no really don't get me started on bands/labels rereleasing an album 6 months later with extra discs etc.......