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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Digging Graves, Digging Disco

Mark Lanegan, grunge survivor and scary guy, has a new album out which you should think about getting. Not now, when pay day comes in a week or so. It's got some of the sparse blues his 2004 Bubblegum lp had, and that voice that sounds like gravel but it's also got some fuller rockers and the uptempo drum machine and keyboard song Ode To Sad Disco, almost worth the price of admission on it's own. Seriously, grunge-disco, it's really good. While you're waiting for payday listen to this one.

The Gravedigger's Song

Edit- Ode To Sad Disco; listen here at Soundcloud. The best new thing I've heard this year.

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bossman said...

I bought the new album on Sunday. Very good is is too. Got tickets to see him play here in April as well, looking forward to that. Full band this time, the last time he played an acoustic set...what a voice.