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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Train Heave On To Euston

I'm off to that London tomorrow for three days with some colleagues and a bunch of teenagers, which gives me an excuse to post one of my favourite, most evocative Smiths songs. Set on the platform at Manchester, Piccadilly, with the song's protagonist about to board the train leaving girlfriend and family behind grieving (and jealous), Morrissey up against one of Johnny Marr's riffiest guitar parts. This version is the Peel Session one. I've put something up for tomorrow morning; after that, see you Friday night.

London (Peel Session)


davyh said...

Especially fine with the lovely Billy Liar fan video. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Here is London, giddy of London . Is it home of the free - . Or what?


Swiss Adam said...

Streets paved with gold I've heard.

Swiss Adam said...

I'd forgotten your post Davy. And that I'd commented on it.