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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Remix Round Up

I don't know if readers are getting bored of the repeated Andrew Weatherall posts here but I feel duty bound to share, especially when he's on such a roll at the moment. Two links to listen only Andrew Weatherall remixes for this morning, both crackers. First up the slow-mo, bass heavy reworking of a song off Wooden Shjips' West album from last year; Crossings (Andrew Weatherall Remix) can be found on youtube here. The limited edition remix 12" includes a Sonic Boom remix and is out on Thrill Jockey on February 21st. Second, an electronic wonder job for Clock Opera (who I've not heard of) with a brilliant repeated bit where the keyboards go all wonky- Once And For All (Andrew Weatherall remix) is here. Listen only, but what a listen. You can probably find places to download them but obviously I wouldn't encourage that sort of thing.

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niv said...

you can never have too much Weatherall - keep 'em coming!