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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Dot Dash

Dot Dash are named after a Wire song, are from DC (Washington to you and me in the UK), and play sparky, nicely ramshackle, English sounding guitar pop which would have sounded perfectly at home on pre-Oasis Creation. These are good songs, worth playing on repeat a few times while they reveal their charms. I couldn't get the mp3s they sent me to download so you'll have to make do with Soundcloud links.

There And Back Again Lane


For added fun Dot Dash's bio has the names of the bands the members have previously been in- Julie Ocean, Modest Proposal, The Saturday People, Youth Brigade, Tree Fort Angst and Glo-Worm. I can visualise all these bands.


Simon said...

Modest Proposal were a DC Mod band from the 80s...I had a couple of releases back then, 85-86...Not a young band this one then!

Swiss Adam said...

So it seems. They sound quite young.