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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Archangels Thunderbird

Amon Duul 2 are a krautrock band I've generally given a wide berth. Unlike Can or Neu! they seem to proggy and not motorik enough. But this will do nicely.

Archangels Thunderbird

What it's got to do with four ladies from the 1920s getting ready for a variety of sports activities is anyone's guess.


George said...

nothing wrong with German prog. CAN next? (after friday Rockabilly of course).

davyh said...

This reminded me of Rush. Well, at least the first minute did, I couldn't listen to any more than that. Good on you though, sailing uncharted waters and all that. Carry on.

ally. said...

the ladies mind you look magnificent

Swiss Adam said...

George- we can have Can.
Davy- I know. Got to spread our wings every now and then though haven't we?
Ally- don't they just.

Adrian said...

I bought the LP in a spirit of invention. This is the only decent track by a long way!

Swiss Adam said...

Ha! Sorry Adrian.