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Sunday, 9 September 2012

I Went To A Party I Danced All Night

I've just remembered I was meant to be doing some Surf Sunday posts. Sorry George, I'll try harder next week.

I think it was Dirk from Sexyloser who tipped me off to this, and my mp3 player has shuffled it up twice in the last few days- Nouvelle Vague, French loungecore/bossa nova/easy listening interpretors of punk, tackling a Dead Kennedys song and turning it from a fratboy anthem into something else entirely, particularly the inspired one-off vocal.

Too Drunk To Fuck

Plus a picture of John Steinbeck looking dapper, a man who would surely never be too drunk for a bit of hows-yer-father.


George said...

The DKs, now there's a great band. It's gospel (not surfing) sunday in our household.

Dirk said...

"hows-yer-father"? Now this is an English expression I've not known until now ... must find out more!

And yes, might have been me indeed who mentioned that fine version recently ...

Simon said...

I'm a little obsessed with the Nouvelle Vague version of Our Lips Are Sealed complete with Terry Hall on guest vocals. Tis on youtube, well worth checking out.