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Thursday, 27 September 2012


S.C.U.M.'s album closer Whitechapel is a blast of goth-synth goodness; the combination of bass and keys does something to my central nervous system and the hairs on the back of my neck. I had an mp3 of them doing it on Marc Radcliffe's Radio 6 show but can't find it, and it's possibly even better than the album version. Maybe it didn't survive the last hard-drive decluttering. In which case I made a mistake deleting it. This is the version from Alone Into Eyes from last year.



drew said...

That word "goth" again. Due to my prejudices and seeing that word in reviews I have been dismissed a few bands over the years without listening to them. I even read the JAMC described as goth recently!

Goth conjures up the horror that was The Sister Of Mercy to me and those really rather pathetic, pasty faced saddoes that used to sit about the dance floor in student unions in the 80's.

Sorry, ranr over. I do like this band and I really am not criticising your use of the word SA just needing to vent my spleen after two days in Sutton!

Swiss Adam said...

Agree with almost every word you said Drew. But they do seem a little gothic. In a good sense rather than a Sisters of Mercy/Fields of the Nephilim way. Never been to Sutton but you're not selling it to me.

Anonymous said...

pathetic,pasty faced saddoes eh!Drew.i'll have you know we still do sit around the dance floors just its in the working mens clubs now.if i ever see you walking alone through the cemetry where i frequent i swear i'll think some really mean thoughts about you .yours Damien Bloodlust.

drew said...

Damien, you'll not find me in a cemetery but maybe a dance floor doing what you're suppossed to do on one, badly granted but still vertical and moving.