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Monday, 15 October 2012

And When You Kissed Robert Mitchum

I know (and agree) that the first Velvet Underground album is the one and that the third is the secret best one (it is) and that White Light White Heat is the furthest out one but I think Loaded is the one I play the most. It sounded out of this world listening to it last night. It's also the most contentious, what with Lou Reed moaning for several decades after it was released that it was remixed and re-edited without his knowledge and that Sweet Jane had a verse missing and that his name came third in the list of writers and that John Cale left during it's sessions and that Mo Tucker didn't even play on it because she was pregnant and that Velvets fans don't like Doug Yule at all. But look at the tunes. And the playing. And I love this song, with the autograph hunter, Robert Mitchum and the fat blonde actress.

New Age (Full length Version)


drew said...

I listen to VU the most, well Lisa Says, Foggy Notion and I Can't Stand It

Swiss Adam said...

I missed that one, but you're right, it's got some of their best songs on it.

Artog said...

I listen to the third one most and rediscover the first one every five years or so. But what about Squeeze? I downloaded it somewhere a bit back (Snap, Crackle & Pop possibly), it was a lot better than I thought it'd be.

Swiss Adam said...

Not sure about Squeeze. Better than it should be like you said Artog.