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Thursday, 11 October 2012

There's Death In These Silver Curls

One of my most listened to songs of this year was released last year but I didn't pick up on 'til January. Since then it's never been far away. Baby Says off The Kills Blood Pressures album adds up to way more than the sum of the parts- overloaded biscuit tin drums, a wonderful, entrancing, snaking guitar line from Mr Kate Moss and Alison's rasping vocal singing lines about Baby; 'she's dying to meet you, to take you off and make your blood hum and tremble like fairground lights' and how 'if ever you see skin as fair or eyes as deep and as black as mine, I'll know you're lying'. Some kind of post-punk, 00s, poetry thing going on there, if you ask me. The rest of the album's good but Baby Says stands out head and shoulders above it and I haven't got anywhere near bored of it yet.

Baby Says


drew said...

Great song. Although I do find the production a bit muddy.

Swiss Adam said...

I think the production adds to it. Would quite like to hear a remix as well.