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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Paper Tiger

I really don't know very much at all about US band Spoon- named after a Can song, going since the 90s, described by Brian Eno as 'rock 'n' roll' (which maybe tells you something about Eno's version of rock 'n' roll 'cos they don't really sound rock 'n' roll to me). This song appears on shuffle mode every now and then and I really like it. The interplay between guitars, bass and drums is very good indeed.

Paper Tiger

Of the four 1930s chaps pictured above I reckon, from left to right- drummer, guitarist, singer, bassist.


Dirk said...

Quite some time ago I bought two CD's of theirs just because of the sheer brilliance of their 'Jonathon Fisk' - tune. I won't say the CD's are boring, they are a little bit lame perhaps compared to the outstandingly good 'J. Fisk' ... I strongly recommend you listen to this urgently!

h said...

drummer,bassist,singer, guitarist
at last an easy captcha

hterepka said...

Blog looks great as usual Adam!

This band is awesome and definitely has a lot of songs up your alley. You might check out "My Mathamatical Mind", "Merchants of Soul" or "The Ghost of You Lingers"...