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Friday, 12 October 2012

Holmes And Bobby G

Back in the summer I listened to David Holmes' career spanning compilation The Dogs Are Parading several times was and struck by how well it all hung together and how much top notch stuff he has done- My Mate Paul, Compared To What, I Heard Wonders, Gritty Shaker, Sugarman, Don't Die Just Yet, 69 Police et al. This song didn't make it onto the double cd and wouldn't have fitted very well anyway, being Holmes does the Stooges. Sick City is off his Bow Down To The Exit Sign album from 2000 which had a variety of guest stars and tried to hit loads of targets at once. It also featured Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie on vocals and sounds like an out-take from the Scream's war on vowels, sonic terrorist stage.

Sick City

David Holmes is producing Primal Scream's forthcoming lp, a double album of 'strange psychedelic guitar music'.

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bossman said...

Bow Down to the Exit Sign is a great album, I love all the bits in between the songs, proper soundtrack stuff.