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Sunday, 7 October 2012


Viv Albertine, guitarist with The Slits, aged 17.

Viv Albertine, ex-Slit, aged 54. Some people get all the luck with aging don't they?

Viv has a solo album out imminently. Her website has a pledge page where you can contribute to the cost of recording, mixing and production in return for a stake in it, although I guess the imminent release means this might all be paid for now. There was a solo ep in 2009 that came out on Thurston Moore's label which I've got someone but can't put my hands on at the moment. In the meantime, to convince you that this solo album might well be worth a tenner of your pay try these two youtube clips.

If Love, a cool little song from the Flesh ep with some nice Slits-style guitar and singing. I'm not allowed to embed it so follow the link. Very good.

And Confessions Of A Milf, a barbed song about motherhood and mid-life, played live...


George said...

Not particularly "surfy" but an enjoyable listen. And Friday's Rockabilly was a real treat.

Swiss Adam said...

Sorry George. Keep forgetting to do Surf Sunday.

Walter said...

Thank you for the inspriation, to play the old Slit-stuff again. Btw this is a very good song and I try to get more from Viv Albertine.