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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

It Must Have Been Because, Because, Because...

Ian McCulloch's got a few hidden gems in his solo back catalogue- this song Proud To Fall being one. There's nothing particularly clever, experimental or far out going on, just a guitar pop song with all the correct structure- verse, chorus, middle eight, etc, home in time for tea- and lyrically it's very Mac. It's just one of those songs that'll improve your day a little bit.

Proud To Fall

The picture shows a linocut by Claude Flight of ships in Liverpool dock being painted blue, silver and pink during the First World War in order to protect them from German U-Boats. These ships were known as Dazzle Ships (later, much later, an album by OMD). I went for a walk the other Saturday and passed Sale library (we still have a library, and it opens all day on Saturday). Wandering in and having a mooch about a book (actually the catalogue from an exhibition) called British Prints From The Machine Age, 1914-39 caught my eye. It's full of linocuts by a group of artists who founded Vorticism, the first forward thinking, modernist British art movement of the 20th century. The prints are brilliant, stunning and fresh, capturing modern life in early-to-mid 20th century Britain- speed,  movement, sport, leisure, machines, vehicles, people. A lot of them are pretty abstract, the sort of thing we take for granted as design now.

I was leafing through the book at the kitchen table on Sunday. 'Is that a library book?' daughter E.T. asked. 'Yep, due back soon too, I might renew it', I replied. I turned to the front page and the borrowing stamp sheet- 'I think I'm the only person who's ever taken it out' I said. E.T. asked what the title was. 'British Prints From The Machine Age, 1914-39' I said.  'That's why you're the only the person who's ever taken it out' she muttered.

I like to feel I have taught her well the art of the sarcastic response. And now she uses it against me.


Artog said...

There's an Ian McCulloch gig coming up in Sheffield that friends are trying to talk me into, I'm umming and ahhing.

That book sounds great, I'm always up for a bit of vorticism. And it's Thames & Hudson I see, always such lovely books. I'd like to think that maybe one day, years from now, E.T. will see BPFTMA 1914-39 in a second hand book shop, and for some reason that she can't quite put her finger on feel compelled to buy it.

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Echorich said...

I currently have a Vorticism print as my Mac's wallpaper - always gives me a smile when I turn on the beast.
Proud To Fall is a highlight from Candleland, as is Faith & Healing. One of the many b-sides to Faith & Healing, Rocketship is my favorite Mac solo release