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Friday, 18 January 2013

Living In The Land Of Ice And Frost

Some Weatherall for Friday morning- just what the doctor ordered- and the standout song from Two Lone Swordsmen's Wrong Meeting lp, back in 2007; rolling drums, lead bass, nagging guitar and a cracker of a lyric, sung by the man himself. When the definitive Weatherall Best Of compilation gets made, this one will be on it.

Get Out Of My Kingdom

Most of the country seems set to be a land of ice and frost this weekend, and if what the weather forecasters have predicted comes to pass I may end up getting to work but then trapped in east Lancashire, spending the night at work. The road home, the A666 towards Bolton and then Manchester, is not a road to cross in a blizzard.

Ofsted have come and gone and the outcome, after all the hard work and stress, looks good.

While I'm here, there are two interviews with Mr Weatherall about the upcoming Asphodells album, which from what I've heard so far is an absolute belter (out soon on double vinyl, get it ordered from Rough Trade and get a bonus cd of remixes and stuff). Both worth reading, this one at Beats And Beyond is a real in depth job. There's another long one from Scotland's The Skinny together with a review of the lp. Meanwhile Proper has a short feature on Weatherall's favourite five.


Walter said...

Wonderful choise SA - just the right music after coming home from work and relax before I go out for beer 30 with my mate.
And exactly this is what this man makes great - taking the best of every music direction and making a great song out of it.
Have a nice weekend

Dirk said...

I must admit, SA, that I never listened to Weatherall a great deal because I thought it'd be more ambient/techno/youknowwhatimean kinda stuff ... this tune is an absolute corker and easily the best I have heard within the last half year though!! So thanks for that, I wonder though whether the rest of 'Wrong Meeting' is (nearly) as good and enjoyable altogether as well? It's quite highly priced on discogs and I can't download it anywhere for free, so I thought I'd better check with you before I make an expensive mistake ...

Swiss Adam said...

Glad you enjoyed it. The whole lp's along those lines Dirk and worth shelling out for. There was a Wrong Meeting 2 as well, with 9 more songs. It was on emusic at a reasonable price (as a download)- don't know if it still is.

Swiss Adam said...

Actually Dirk, the best place to get it is here, from the horses mouth, download and box set


Dirk said...

3 quid is fair for the download, I'd think. If I like it, who knows, I may spend 25 quid for the box set ... will try to download it when being back home today ... thanks very much for your help here, highly appreciated!