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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Warm In The Winter

'Warm in the winter, sunny on the inside'

This, as people on Twitter are irritatingly prone to saying, is my new jam...

From Oregon, Glass Candy are a duo/trio, who make disco. It's slightly warped and slightly trippy, with analogue synth arpeggios, some big bass keys, and great loopy, uplifting vocals, but it's disco all the same. Weatherall played it at the end of his recent 6 Mix show if you need a further recommendation. It is great. It is, as I said, my new jam.

I'm off looking for more of their stuff. Apparently much of it is vinyl only and sold at gigs. Not much chance then.


acidted said...

can we stop with the 'new jam' thing. It's always got to be blackcurrant.

Swiss Adam said...

Strawberry Conserve is my new jam

h said...

love this.
Have you heard this, this is DISCO