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Monday, 21 January 2013

Second Prize

Before Christmas I entered an online competition at Slighter's page, clicking and commenting and being put into the draw. I've posted two Slighter tracks before, including the beautiful but apocalyptic Our Own End (one of my favourites of last year). A week or two later I got an email from Slighter's team to say I'd won second prize. Woo hoo! My package turned up, all the way from Los Angeles, a few days ago- a signed and numbered copy of his 2009 album The Perfectly Damaged, two badges and a memory stick containing a ton of music (which I haven't even started to explore yet). The album is great, full of top quality electronica like this one, the album opener...

How'd I Become So Jaded?

Slighter (Colin C) has a new ep out now- you can listen here at Soundcloud- diving headlong into drum and bass. Out today.


George said...

..And it's United
they're my own team
it's United black and tangerine
it's United it's got to be

You're SURE you've never heard it?


brings to a tear to my eyes...

Swiss Adam said...

No, erm, don't think so. Will have a listen.

charity chic said...

It's up there with Johnny Beattie's Glasgow Rap

Who needs to rap in New York State when you can rock inthe Gallowgate!

Would bring a tear to a glass eye


Swiss Adam said...

I have Manchester United's 1983 opus on 7". 'In 77 it was Docherty, Atkinson'll make it 83'.

Swiss Adam said...

And I saw Utd play Dundee Utd in 84 (I think), 1st leg of european tie. 2 all.

Anonymous said...

jealous of you getting the album. But Your Own End is marvellous