Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Saturday, 26 April 2014


A new (to me) thing I found on the internet recently- Mick Jones doing a funky electro-pop 12" excursion in 1982.

Blind Lead The Blind


Anonymous said...

This was new to me too. Did a bit of research, and apparently this single was produced by Mick, but I don't know if he plays on it. The band did count two future big-time producers in its ranks though - Cameron McVey (Neneh Cherry / Massive Attack etc) and Stephen Street (Smiths / Moz / Blur etc etc etc). The things you learn!

Swiss Adam said...

I was unsure too which is why I was a bit vague. The vocal sounds like it could be Mick and the funky guitar riff half way through could be as well

Dubrobots said...

Oops,didn't realise I'd left that comment anonymously, must remember not to post comments before having at least two cups of tea of a morning.

I think it's McVey on vocals, but it could be Mick on guitar. It doesn't look like the band had a permanent guitarist. It's pretty good, whoever's playing on it.