Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Some blogs do  an April Fools post with something outrageous (see The Vinyl Villain's attempt to persuade us all last year that Paul Young's No Parlez was a much overlooked lp) or a little joke (one blog once claimed to have posted a rare Joy Division song found at a car boot sale but the download turned out to be Kylie's I Should Be So Lucky). No such going ons here. I couldn't think of anything funny.

This new Richard Norris remix of Warpaint's Disco//Very is somewhat trippy and phased and very nice indeed. Fittingly it has both time and space in abundance. I hope it's coming out on vinyl.


Gary Jack said...

Great tune that's the first of me hearing it....top notch!

Echorich said...

Thoroughly weird SA! I was listening to the album last night trying to decide if Disco/Very or Biggy was my favorite track on the album. This remix is completely in Richard Norris' psychedelic wheelhouse!