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Saturday, 12 April 2014


I pulled this out the other day, a superb blast of punk energy from antipodean upstarts The Saints. Not that any of them looked much like punks. Which probably makes them more punk. This song, recorded and first released in 1976, was hugely influential on the early London punk scene (along with the first Ramones lp), as 7" copies made their way from the southern to northern hemisphere like spiky driftwood. Coming from Brisbane in the mid 1970s they probably did feel pretty stranded- no offence to the people of Brisbane but it is a long way away from where the action was. (I'm) Stranded is an utterly life affirming recording and one of those cases of, although they had other songs, this one song by them is all that matters.

(I'm) Stranded


george said...

...this is not rockabilly, but it is a mighty fine song

charity chic said...

Good call SA
I only have this as a burn or else it would have featured on CCMbefore now

Luca said...

Happy holiday.

Echorich said...

What a great way to start a Sunday!! I think I'm going to be listening to Punk all day now! Where ARE those Ruts and Members albums??

Hazard said...

Aussie Pride over here!
Always happy when you feature Australian bands.