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Monday, 7 April 2014

Call It A Day

Ian McCulloch had a solo album out last year which I didn't spend too much time with (for unknown reasons, time probably) but have rediscovered recently. Pro Patria Mori was a good single lp but was also available as a double. The second disc was recorded live at the Union Chapel, a mixture of Bunnymen songs from Rescue through to Nothing Lasts Forever, and songs from Pro Patria Mori, reworked acoustically and orchestrally. The fringe and the chin may not be what they were but the voice is in rich form and there's some lovely chugging Velvets rhythm guitar along with the strings. Angels And Devils, in the grand tradition of 80s indie rock, was tossed away on a B-side.

Angels And Devils (Live at the Union Chapel)


Echorich said...

McCulloch definitely sounds as if he has been really attempting to take care of his voice recently. On the latest Bunnymen single he sounds great. EATB is one of the great B-side bands - so many are really AA sides!

Anonymous said...

Dynamite tune this...B-Side of Silver.