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Monday, 28 April 2014

I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time

This garage rock nugget from 1967 by The Third Bardo could well be the very best 45rpm single of it's kind- nasty, short, distorted, snotty, arrogant and with one of the best song titles/choruses committed to vinyl. It's got everything you need to shake you up this morning.

I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time


drew said...

Great song. I first heard this on a tape I got when I was still at school from the older brother of a mate. It was filled with stuff by Love, The Stooges. HP Lovecraft and a weird interview with Nico. Apart from the VU stuff everything on it was brand new to me and very exciting although most of it would have been at least 15 years old at that time.

I wonder if I can remember enough of it to make up a playlist.

C said...

Yes, great song! I first heard this on a scratchy low-fi vinyl import of Pebbles Vol 3, back in the days of working in a record shop - when I spent most of my meagre wages on US 60s garage comps!
Just as drew says, in spite of being 'old' music at the time, it was brand new to me and very exciting.
Great start to the day, thanks.

mike said...

primal scream made a cover in 2000 for the xtrmntr album.
no.10 on the promo copies between mbv arkeestra and the chemical bros. mix of swastika eyes.
then removed for the official release and finally presented on the last ever creation release CRE 333 as b-side.