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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Your Love

Jamie Principle and Frankie Knuckles' Your Love is one of the cornerstones of modern music- the two note bassline, that sequenced arpeggio part, the gospel vocals, the four-four beat. Back in the mid-80s Jamie Principle put it together in his Chicago bedroom on cheap and homemade machinery. Frankie Knuckles then sprinkled his magic over it. It was played off cassette for ages in Chicago warehouses before it got a vinyl release. It's been an everpresent record of uplift and ecstasy ever since, especially since it then went and got magically spliced with Candy Staton.

At a recent Radio 1 session The Horrors covered Your Love. Do not worry. It is fucking superb.

Your Love (Radio Session)


drew said...

I was worried and as you said I need not have been, it is very good.

Echorich said...

Sage words SA! House begin here for me and always winds its way back here as well.
And The Horrors pay proper homage to the original.