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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Dapper Sunday

It's Sunday and it's a lazy Bagging Area Weatherall mix post, a sartorially themed hour of songs in advance of the Convenanza festival at Carcassonne Castle next weekend, starting out with a fine selection of reggae tunes before going rockabilly, like the old Double Gone Radio mixes used to do. Items of clothing and dress referenced include rude boy style, pink peg slacks, black slacks, black boots, jackboots, two tone shoes, dancing shoes, gloves of both black leather and the colour green, double mirrored wraparound shades, sunglasses, a pair of combs, a faded Levis jacket, leather jackets, black denim trousers and the best dressed chicken in town.

Convenanza is pretty close to  a dream festival at Bagging Area Towers but what are the chances of me flying to the south of France for a weekend at the September? Slim.

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