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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Ivy Ivy Ivy

This was the song I was going to post yesterday before I got distracted by Paperclip People and by coincidence Primal Scream posted it on social media yesterday with the instruction 'check Throb's yellow flying V'. Ivy Ivy Ivy was the lead single off their second album and the moment Primal Scream went rock- leather trousers and long hair replacing anoraks and bowl cuts. To be honest, it doesn't sound as rock as it did back in 1989 and Bobby's vocal is straight from their indie phase. I think it is pleasingly trashy though. The sleeve is dominated by Throb's crotch. I saw them on the tour to promote this single in a tiny cellar venue in Liverpool called Planet X. There weren't too many more people in the audience than on the stage and I don't think anyone there would have predicted that within months they would be transforming again into loved up acid house heroes thanks to Loaded.


drew said...

Don't think I've played this album in fifteen years, I'm sure it came with a free 7"

drew said...
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