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Friday, 11 September 2015

So Many Crumbs And Monkeys

Over the lifetime of this blog I've written posts about five Durutti Column songs- Sketch For Summer, Sketch For Winter, Otis, The Missing Boy and The Together Mix- which coincidentally would be pretty close to my top five Durutti Column songs if I were asked to make a list. This song is proof though that Vini Reilly continued to write and record minor classics long after the collapse of Factory Records and well into the 21st century. The album Sunlight To Blue...Blue To Blackness came out in 2008 and is well worth tracking down. This is a beautiful little tune, the pitter patter of drums set against Vini's unique guitar sound and softly sung vocals.

So Many Crumbs And Monkeys


The Swede said...

Terrific song.

Michael Doherty said...

Was listening to LC today - that track about Belgians is pretty beautiful. Can't remember the actual name of the song though.

Anonymous said...

LC is wonderful.
Swiss Adam