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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Sunday Ton

Some of you might start getting twitchy if there hasn't been an Andrew Weatherall related post for a couple of days- I know I do and it's been four days since Wilmot. Here is his most recent two hour Music's Not For Everyone radio show for NTS, the usual mix of the interesting, the out there and the unexpected, including five songs from a project in Skipton that encourages girls to pick up musical instruments and play them, all of which are wonderful. Listen to it here (the embed thing wasn't working at the time of typing). The Selfa Girls Rock Camp is here.

I'm out on my bike today, an organised 100 mile ride from Wythenshawe Park out into Cheshire and back again. I've done the ride before and it's a really good event. Last year I did it in six hours eleven minutes, enough time to listen to the Weatherall show three times and have time to pop off to make a cup of tea. I'm riding to raise money for The Christie. We've lost two friends in the last two years to cancer, both of them too young and leaving husbands and children behind. If you can spare a couple of quid, you can donate here.

Which brings me to the picture, a 1980s advert for a bike. Someone thought that they could sell a golden road bike by using a big haired model in golden shades and golden tights, firing laser beams out of her breasts. Your guess is as good as mine.


drew said...

Backside sore this evening?

Hope you raised some cash

Anto said...

how did it go? jaysus your some man for taking on that.

Swiss Adam said...

Hi chaps- raised over £200 so that's alright. How did it go- fucking tough. The first half was great, I was flying. The second half was really fucking hard. I think it must have been longer. My thighs are killing me. My arse surprisingly isn't too bad. Top day and event though.