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Saturday, 19 December 2015

A Complete History Of Sexual Jealousy

One of the great things about Creation Records in the 80s (and up to the point they signed the Gallagher brothers which pretty much ruined the whole thing) was the number of compilation albums they put out rounding up their roster of artists. If you couldn't get hold of or afford to buy every 7" single the compilations were great round ups and primers. Doing It For The Kids came out in 1988, fifteen tracks for £1.99, including better known bands like Primal Scream, Felt, the House of Love, The Weather Prophets and My Bloody Valentine and lesser known ones like The Jazz Butcher, Nikki Sudden, Razorcuts, Pacific and Momus. Momus was Nicholas Currie, a one man indie Pet Shop Boy,dance pop with some very adult themes. This song stood out as being cut from different cloth even in the variety of Doing It For The Kids.

A Complete History of Sexual Jealousy (Parts 17-24)


Luca said...

I'm a fan.
Two things I love about Momus:
1. He put all of his Creation records for free download here http://ubu.com/sound/momus_poison.html
with a song-by-song comment which makes for a fascinating read;
2. he once wrote a song about Piemontese songwriter Paolo Conte (well, Italian actor/director and Oscar winner Roberto Beningni also wrote a song about Conte, but Benigni's one was mainly about the fact that he fancied Conte's wife).

Echorich said...

So right SA, Creation was a thumb in the eye to the record industry and then the Gallagher Brothers showed up with their pre-signed agreement with The Devil which McGee couldn't seem to resist.
Luca - thanks for the download link! Momus is tremendous and tremendously under appreciated.