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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Guns Of Sixty

Paul Simonon, Bagging Area hero, bass player for The Clash (and Havana 3am, and more recently The Good, The Bad And The Queen and Gorillaz), painter, motorcyclist and 'the most handsome man in West London', turns sixty today. So, Happy Birthday Mr. Simonon- hope it's a good one. Paul brought the ska, the dub and the reggae influences to the band along with the visual sense that served them well in their clothes, record sleeves, posters and stage backdrops. His bass playing by 1980 was vastly improved from the early days where he put his fingers on painted on notes on the neck of his guitar. The bassline in Bankrobber is one of his best.

Robber Dub

In fact, December is a big month for Clash anniversaries- Sandinista was released thirty-five years ago this month and London Calling thirty-six. Releasing double or triple albums a few weeks before Christmas, too late for end of year lists- all part of the grand Clash plan.


The Swede said...

So many good Clash related anniversaries at this time of the year. The sad one is still to come.

C said...

Happy birthday gorgeous!

Echorich said...

As a fan, Paul was always the most approachable member of The Clash. He'd walk down a city block chatting with fans outside of Electric Lady Studios or heading to the afterparty following their Saturday Night Live appearance in 82.

Dirk said...

Which one, Swede? Wasn't 'Cut The Crap' released earlier in 1985 than in December?

Dirk said...

Sorry, Joe, couldn't resist :-)!