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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Fronting It

Posting Stella Grundy's solo track last week- go and check it out if you missed it (and make sure you get to the end for the 'Hello Shrewsbury! Rock and roll...' line at the end)- made me go back and look at some of Intastella's stuff. I've posted People before, a genuinely top record. The picture above is from a gig at The Boardwalk. Reader Michael, over in Ireland, reminded me of a legendary TV performance from 1993 with Stella rocking it in Y-fronts that look like they were bought in the Arndale Market.

Two years previously they were on The Word. My memory suggests they appeared on the same episode as Nirvana made their first appearance on British telly.

Dancer Little Anthony was a familiar face from Manchester's clubs. I remember sharing dancefloor space with him many times in the early-to-mid 90s. He was always very smiley.


ANTO said...

A band that show how open, interesting and brilliant those times were. There were obvious blots on the landscape no more than other times and its easy to scoff etc but jaysus these might have been the last times mass optimism (drug fuelled of course) was possible. Apart from Natural Life. Weren't the band that Harry Enflied took the piss out of? Anyway, great post. Saw Interstella support Charlatans in Dublin in 91. The mainly male crowd were quite taken by Steller

Bovril said...

loved Intastlla, and World of Twist and Paris Angels. They all benefited from the whole Madcester tag, but it was also part of their undoing when the media turned on the scene. Used to love seeing them in town, normally upstairs at Sinclairs at its old location. top people.