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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Away Again

A quick turn around and I'm off again, with the family this time, down to the Dordogne in South West France for the next couple of weeks, stopping off in the Loire for three nights on the way back. It's looking good.

I'll leave you with a couple of songs to speed us on our way and to keep you happy. Rikki Turner's new band The Hurt released a cracking song a few months back, the moody and epic Berlin. The new one is a cover of Nico's One More Chance and is a stately throb.

The new Hardway Bros ep Pleasure Cry is one of my records of the year thus far. This song, Argonaut, was written specifically by Sean Johnston to be played on the boat at Croatia's Electric Elephant Festival. It starts off like Weatherall's mix of Come Together and then heads off into the sunset putting its arms around you and doing a little dance.

And just so's there's some screaming guitars and drawled vocals here's J Mascis and The Fog covering Teenage Fanclub's Everything Flows with Mike Watt on bass. It then diverts into Pavement's Range Life and The Ruts' In A Rut. Is it any good? Of course it is. It is seven minutes of good.

See you in August.


The Swede said...

Blimey, he's off again. I look forward to checking these recommendations out later, meanwhile - have a great time!

Walter said...

Have a great time in France with your family.

Luca said...

Buone vacanze.

Anonymous said...

Visit Chateau Grimard in Montazeau for all of your grape based drink needs and say bonjour to monsieur Jouleux for me.
Ever so slightly jealous.


Anto said...

Jasysus drew i was there 4 yrs ago and likewise left with a caseload. Fuck me.

That medley by the fog is jaw dropping. The played it in dublin in 2001. There are few things in life as satisfying as a j mascis solo. I told him this when I got to meet him after the gig. He just stared blankly at me. Then the floor. Then I spoke to the drummer


drew said...

Anto, lour friend's house is just down the hill on the left through the vineyards. It's great wine isn't it. I have 3 or 4 bottles left from last year's trip

drew said...

small worid ain't it

anto said...

Drew we were in a camp site Prats Carlux or something? Was in a place in bergerac itself and the guy there was raving about Grimard and had a glass and was blown away. so i took a drive over and loaded up. great value too. It is truly a small world.I have none the wine left for quite some time though.

Adam- this would be a worthwhile jaunt.

charity chic said...

That's assuming SA is still not stuck in Dover!

Anonymous said...

Didn't go out of Dover thankfully. I shall make a visit Drew and Anto. A bientot!
Swiss Adam

thewalker said...

My gosh.
Thanks for describing it with such elegance. It truly is a joy.