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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Shake The Nation

In 1996 I bought Prince Far I's Cry Tough Dub Encounter Chapter 3, a dive further into dub. It was a re-issue of an early 80s release, full of deep basslines and space and sound FX, mixed by Dub Syndicate (Adrian Sherwood). I found it again recently when rifling through my records, having largely forgotten about it. The Voice of Thunder, as he styled himself, is in full effect on this album. Good stuff for a Sunday morning in July.

'Prince Far I come shake the nation, Prince Far I come tell it to  the young generation'

Shake The Nation


Walter said...

I love this stuff by Prince Far I, especially the remixes. As said perfect stuff for a Sunday Morning in July

TheRobster said...

Brilliant. I really need some skull-shattering basslines right now!

The Swede said...

A mighty fine dubwise selection. Now I feel the urge to dig out a few Earth-shaking Prince Far-I vocal cuts.