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Friday, 15 July 2016


The Swede posted Lee Hazlewood yesterday, a fantastic cover version by Leicester's Children Of Leir. Go there first yeah?

I'm going away today, to Europe by bus with sixty-eight secondary school children. Amsterdam, Belgium, the battlefields around Ypres and staying two nights in a chateau. I will be back next Thursday night. See y'all then.

Lee sings this with the lovely Ann Margret (pictured above), a cowboy lament to the loneliest place in the world.

Greyhound Bus Depot


The Swede said...

Unsurprisingly, I'm on a bit of a Lee Hazlewood roll myself. Thanks for the nod. Have a safe trip.

Anto said...

travel safe dude. Sounds like a trip that will tie your mind off things!

That is a great song. And what is Ann holding on to?

George said...

School trip: Fair play to you Adam, hope it all goes well.

Brian said...

Mold those young minds, buddy.