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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Fight The Power

Dreadzone's 1993 single Fight The Power was a timely piece of protest against the Criminal Justice Bill. It's peppered with sampled speech, a vocal snatch borrowed from the Beastie Boys too, a pumping keyboard riff and bouncing bassline and it doesn't sound any less relevant today- it's just the specific target has changed. Amusingly the person who added the captions for MTV had them down as Deadzone.

Fight The Power '95


FurryBootsCityBoy said...


Artist: The Isley Brothers
Album: The Heat Is On
Released: 1975

"Time is truly wastin', there's no guarantee, yeah
Smile is in the makin', we got to fight the powers that be
Got so many voices, saying all the same, yeah,
Killing up all around me, faces full of pain

I tried to play my music, they say my music's too loud
I tried talking about it, I got the big runaround
And when I rolled with the punches I got knocked on the ground
By all this bullshit going down, hey..."

Anonymous said...

I loved this when it came out. I remember watching a gig consisting of Dreadzone and fundamental as well. Brilliant stuff.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks FurryBootsCityBoy. Good tune.