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Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Slab were Nina Walsh (Sabrettes label boss and currently one half of the Woodleigh Research Facility alongside Andrew Weatherall) and The Drum Club's Lol Hammond. In the mid 90s they made a handful of techno records, often quite banging, in-your-face style techno. Their track Atomsmasher was remixed by Weatherall into a stripped back number with bleeps and bloops. It is equally laid back and intense, if that's possible.

Weathersmasher (Atomsmasher Andrew Weatherall Remix)


PokemonGough said...

IDK didn't understand these mixes. Maybe missing the ear for it. I think the post is from the album -- Mix 3. To complete, here's Mix 1. No idea about Mix 2.

I'm guessing atomsmashing would result in a spacetime continuum boink though

Swiss Adam said...

The different mixes have always confused me a bit. Thanks for the shares