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Friday, 1 July 2016

Barking Up The Wrong Tree

My friends in the Midlands Echolocation have a new album out, Empire, Blood And Bones, available now at Bandcamp. They used to claim they were 'the most hated band in  Leicester' but have gone a step further by now styling themselves, a little iffily, as 'the provisional wing of the Leicester music scene'. Over guitar, drums and bass, plus trumpets and flugelhorn, keys, cello, fiddle and whatever else is lying around the practice room, front man Pete tells tales of existential doubt, life and work in the retail sector and socio-political unease.

My current favourite is second song the post-punky Barking Up The Wrong Tree- opening with a sequel of feedback and a driving beat Pete sings his discontent as piano and guitars build. A trumpet mourns during the chorus. Following the band members on social media gives further insight into their likes (Bury F.C. and Leicester City, Jeremy Corbyn, Nick Cave, Belgian beer, Wussy) and dislikes (Cristiano Ronaldo, the BBC, Adele, Glastonbury, Donald Trump). Opinionated bassist pictured above.

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