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Monday, 23 January 2017

As The Day Begins

Briefly in 1990 The Beloved made some very good music, perfectly in tune with the times- a run of singles, the 1990 album Happiness and its remixed counterpart from a year later Blissed Out and the not-a-hit It's Alright Now single. This Melody Maker front cover is dated 27th January 1990 and shows where the inkies were at that point- Loop, Carter USM, Baby Ford and The Shamen show the twin pleasures of noisy guitars and the dancefloor while The Cult, Mantronix and Psychic TV bring the mid 80s back. Tanita Tikaram was available for interview twenty seven years ago too.

The Sun Rising is a fast paced, slinky groove with that female vocal sample that Orbital also used (on Belfast). Music made from optimism with a sense of endless possibilities.

The Sun Rising

I chanced upon this NME cutting yesterday too, a review of The Beloved playing the Hacienda (5th March 1990 I think, according to some internet research), supported by local heroes The High and a dj called Andrew Weatherall. I may get around to posting something by him sooner or later.


drew said...

I loved The Sun Rising, still do but not much else. My girlfriend at the time was a big fan.

Echorich said...

The first Beloved song I ever heard was Your Love Takes Me Higher and I was hooked. The remixes on YLTMH were Balearic, but with a punch. I did my research and found that, like The Shamen, they came from a Post Punk guitar background and I enjoy their first album to this day.
But when I heard The Sun Rising and it's seeming never ending list of remixes I knew these guys were serious about expanding on a genre in its infancy. The two mixes that have always stuck with me are Danny Rampling's Love Is Remix and Tony Humphrey's Zanzibar Has Risen remix. It was life affirming hearing TH play Sun Rising at Zanzibar back in 1990.

Swiss Adam said...

Your Love Takes Me Higher is a great track, smart and sexy and dancey. I even like Hello (though i can concede its a bit silly and know why it irritates people. I've always been a sucker for list songs).

Anonymous said...

Who is this "Weatherall"? Don't think you've ever mentions him on here.

Anonymous said...

That Weatherall chap won't amount to much. Mark my words.

Swiss Adam said...

You may be right Acidted. Time will tell.