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Monday, 9 January 2017

Blue Monday

I know a lot of you went back to work last week but my blue Monday is today. It's not the job- it's everything that goes with it that makes this morning a shock to the system. Early, dark mornings, traffic, late nights...

This is the 1988 version of New Order's best known and most mythologised song. It was re-released to celebrate five years since the original but in a remixed form with Quincy Jones (and John Potoker) at the controls.  It's not as good as the 1983 version but it's good enough in its own right and did the business in chart terms (number 3 in the UK) and I like it well enough. The Peter Saville sleeve, not as costly to produce as the 83 diecut version, is a favourite of mine too.

Blue Monday 88 (7")


Brian said...

Hope you shake off the cobweb and your Blue Monday turns into a red-letter day. Like you say, the original is better but not a bad version at all.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Brian. Got through it- it wasn't so bad.

Echorich said...

Christmas and New Year's Day on a weekend always seems to be a bit of a let down because of how soon we end up back at work.

As for Blue Monday 88, to this day I can't get my head around it. The sound is just too crowded for me.